Management Policy

The Management Policy of TALLERES A. VILLAJOS, S.L. establishes the general guidelines of our management system focused on satisfying the client at all times; our management team implements legal and regulation requirements, based on continually improving the Management System, on preventing pollution and contamination and on promoting safety and wellness for the proactive reduction of labour accidents and profession related illnesses. To comply with these guidelines the company staff understands that all projects must be undertaken as a cohesive and motivated team.

This management policy counts with the total support of the Managing Direction.

Customer service , based on selecting the best suppliers and committed people.

Emphasising on the Quality ISO 9001 and Environment 14001certificates that we have earned, we demonstrate the priority given to a policy focused on personalized customer service and a guaranteed process based on effectiveness. This philosophy and practice defines our company's commitment: "Better organization for more effectiveness; be informed about the client's needs and thus have the exact answers for the customer's necessities, at both the first moment and in the promising future".